1 - Why am I not in your chart?
you will only appear in the chart if you have had tracks that have been in the top-100 SINGLES charts on Beatport, Hype charts and Release charts are NOT collected

I get a LOT of messages like this almost daily, every time I investigate, it turns out the user was ranked in the Releases chart or the Hype chart

Going forward I will not be responding to these messages unless you have a Live release in the singles chart that is missing from the site

Please send a message via Facebook with the Beatport ID of the track in the SINGLES chart that is not showing on the site

2 - Why am I not seeing all of my tracks?
you will only see tracks that have been ranked in the top-100 singles charts on Beatport

3 - Why is my photo not updated
Photos will auto refresh with Beatport every 3 months (each artist is checked every 3 months), if you want me to manually update, first be sure your BeatPort Image is updated, then just send a message on facebook.

4 - I was an artist on this track but points are not assigned to me?
sometimes tracks are not added correctly to beatport so all track artists do not appear, contact us and we will fix this for you

Please also note that Points are assigned to the producer of the track, if the track is a 'Remix' then the points will be assigned to the remixer, not the original artist. Some have suggested that Points should be assigned to both the Remixer and the Artist, however this skews the points towards heavily remixed artists, also Artists would chart in genres they were not associated with. the cleanest way to assign points is to only assign to the Producer of the track.

5 - Why are my Points going down?

The 12 month chart is points from this day 1 year ago until today, every day you lose points older than this and gain points from the current day.

If you have read the above, and still want to send a message, please send via facebook.. but please note if you have not read the above we will not respond as we are spending hours responding to users that have not read the above messages and this is no longer sustainable.