Points are calculated daily based on a Song's position in the Beatport top 100 charts. If a track is at position 1, it gets 100 points, if it is in position 100, it gets 1 point. Charts are now updated daily!. only the original producer of the track receives the points. We have used this points system since 2011 and it proves to be a reasonable representation of actual track sales over time.


BeatStats started in early 2011 as a Trance only chart site, BeatStats was the first site to ever collect Beatport Chart data and let users view previous chart results. In Dec 2015 we finally launched a new site design with every Beatport Genre.


What is BeatStats?

BeatStats is a system for ranking artist, tracks and labels based on track positions in the beatport top 100 charts. BeatStats has been online since 2011 but until now has been a Trance only site, the site now covers all Genres.

Is this an official Beatport site?

No, this is an unofficial website which uses the Beatport API to gather Charts / images / artist info, it then calculates stats based on chart rankings

Why can I not go back further than a year for some Genres?

I started collecting charts for Trance in 2011, then in 2012 I started collecting charts for the top 100, Progressive House and Electro House, then at the start of 2015 I started collecting charts for every genre, going forward charts will be collected every day for all genres.

How often do the charts update

Every day at roughly 1PM uk Time

Why are my points going down?

The 12 month chart is points from this day 1 year ago until today, every day you lose points older than this and gain points from the current day.

why does your site chart not reflect the Beatport 'releases' chart?

To rank in the Beatport Releases chart, every single track in your release has to have sold in a single purchase this means this chart is heavily weighted towards 'groups' of releases such as EP's and albums, if a song is released with a radio edit and original track, everyone buys the original but ignores the radio edit, this release will not chart in the 'releases' chart at all.
The fairest ranking system is to go for pure individual sales and calculate points that way.

I would like to report a problem!
Send an email to contact@beatstats.com with an explanation of the issue